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Turn Left

Episode Location: Shan Shen/Earth, London/Leeds
Aliens/Enemies: Time beetle?
New Characters: Rose, Wilf
Gadgets Used: Unknown
Episode Objective: To get the beetle off Donna's back and save the universe?

The Chino planet of Shan Shen seems like a great place to visit... that is, until a Fortune Teller tempts Donna with a free reading. In an incense-laced chamber, this mysterious and cryptic figure starts delving into Donna's past. Searching for something very significant... a single event. And what's that thing scuttling away in the curtains behind Donna's back...?

Donna's entire world collapses, but there's no sign of the Doctor. Instead, she finds help from a mysterious blonde woman – a traveller from a parallel universe. But, as Donna and Rose Tyler combine forces, are they too late to save the whole of creation from the approaching darkness?

The thing on Donna's back is a Time Beetle, and through a throwaway line from the Doctor at the end of the episode, its vaguely related to the Trickster. The Trickster himself is never shown, and you don't need to know anything about him in order to understand or enjoy the episode.

Anyway, this beetle leads to us seeing an alternative timeline where Donna never goes for her job interview at H.C Clements, and therefore doesn't meet the Doctor.

This time line is all about making decisions: which way to turn... left or right...
Its set in an apocalyptic world where refugees are sent to Leeds for safety. It contains the words "Leeds", "photocopy", "spanish", "telescope" and "raffle ticket"

(Click for larger image)

And as we know, Rose is back!
"Rose has changed. She's hardened. She's sad and lonely, but also bolshy and single-minded..."

She's also trying very very hard to save the universe. But, according to DWM, we shouldn't automatically assume that Rose is on Donna's side, at least to begin with.

WILF: They're going out!...
"Oh my God. The stars are going out!"

Set Reports/Scenes
The below reports of filming, are from people on the DWF, so thankee to them. (Brian_Damage, Scooty, Simon Watkins, IanB, Kelmo, and of course Xoanon!)

Well, lets start at the beginning, since thats a very good place to start.
Right! Shan Shen! Fortune Teller! Strange poisoned drinks?! Time Beetles!

According to a synopsis, Shan Shen is "all flags, pagodas and local colour. The TARDIS twosome are having a right old laugh, messing around on the open-air, ramshackle market stalls."

But that's until Donna goes to see a fortune teller...

But was there ever a choice? This job of yours, what led you there?
CU Donna, she flinches - 
Whoosh! FLASHBACK, but to a new scene, the next scene, sc.3, glimpsed images, the car, her mum
CUT BACK TO DONNA; transfixed by the Fortune Teller's stare
There was a choice. Six months before. Cos the agency offered me a contract as H.C Clements...
Whoosh! White flashback -


1st Report of Filming
Images, video and sightings of Rose running out of an ally. Flashing strobe lights appear to have preceded each scene featuring her arrival... so some sort of portal between this world and alternate earth that Rose jumps through?

Donna is walking up the road. There are flashes of light and Rose appears, hurting past her. Donna is wearing smarter, more contemporary clothes than in the earlier shots, so it could be assumed that this it from a different episode than the earlier shooting....

Also, someone commented on what they thought was the dialog that followed this scene:

Donna: Oh God, are you alright, what was that, bloomin' fireworks or something?
Rose: I don't know. I keep hearing sounds but I cant hear where its coming from
Donna: look! Now I'm doing it! (does some strange arm movements)
Rose: I came out of nowhere. I was there, now I'm here!

2nd Report of filming
A group of people, including Donna, stand outside a pub, it has boarded windows but with some Christmas decorations. They're dressed quite fancy, maybe for a party?

All look into the sky and see something that is clearly shocking - there is speculation that its the Racnoss ship (backed up by facts from RTD)

Donna's friends watch the skies then begin to panic and run, except for one, who stares at Donna as she looks up at the sky. Donna asks her what she is looking at:

"There is something on your back, Donna!"

3rd Report of filming
The scene consisted of some Police barriers, a cordoned off area with Police barrier tape,
 a number of ambulances, lots of flashing blue lights etc, plus also a couple of army vehicles, some officers in uniform and some troops.

Is that commander Harris right there? Why yes it is! Wonder why he's back? It is because in this timeline the Sontarans haven't attacked yet? Or have they but it didn't involve UNIT, but Torchwood instead? Thats the rumors I've heard.

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